Steroids Will Destroy You Go For Natural Bodybuilding!

Submitted by: Justin Miedema

In my early high school career I was skinny and many of the guys that I saw in the gym were huge. One day I asked them what is your secret? They replied ‘steroids’, I suspected that. They always looked so greasy and oily and they looked as pale as a ghost – even in the summer time. My female friends that went to high school with me were never interested in the “huge guys” but liked me.

I began natural bodybuilding and as time went on I became bigger and bigger and the ladies loved me more because I looked natural and toned. The guys that did steroids were now fat and frumpy because they stopped using the magical drug and all of their power and strength declined. By the time I went to college, I was able to go to the beach and proudly take off my shirt without having to take steroids. Indeed, steroids may give you instant gratification but you will soon end up regretting you ever took them.

The things a person can do without steroids are remarkably better than using them. As people age, the ones that are stupid enough to take steroids are paying the price with decaying bones and joints; along with a weak and old heart. When I get old I still want to be able to lift and do things a young person can do. I don t want to be fat, bald and kicking my self for doing something stupid. There are just too many side affects of taking steroids for me to even think about taking them. They can ruin a family and road rage is a major factor in taking anabolic steroids. Some say a person has no control of his emotions. So why should you put your life at risk along with that of others when you can still have a great looking body the natural way steroids free!


I lost my grandfather due to kidney failure, which is another reason not to take steroids. Steroids make the kidneys work extra hard because the kidneys are trying to excrete. Many times men and women respond different to steroids. For example, men develop breasts and women’s breasts shrink. I don t know about you but I don’t want breasts that are bigger than my girlfriend’s! I can tell you this – many women are turned off by the sight of a man on steroids. Most of the time they have small testicles and sometimes they are infertile. I know many men would like to become a father someday but if you take steroids, chances are, you can’t.

In brief, steroids can ruin your life and the lives of others. The human body was not made for the use of anabolic steroids. As a matter of fact the human body was made to do natural bodybuilding. If tempted in taking steroids, keep in mind that taking steroids can have disastrous results on your health. Work out the natural way for a healthier and happier life.

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