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What Makes Garlic So Good For Your Health?

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

By Darrell Miller

Garlic is an herb of universal significance. It has been a prized ingredient in cuisines of virtually every single culture around the world, and highly regarded as an age-old herbal remedy. As a matter of fact, scholars and scientists alike are having problem tracing its origins as its cultivars have been well domesticated around the world since time immemorial. In recent years, studies have looked into a number of its purported health benefits, including its potential value against cancer.

Earliest records show that garlic has been cultivated for culinary and medicinal uses since the ancient times. It is one of the few plants that are recorded in both the Bible and the Talmud. All the prominent physicians in Classical Antiquity like Hippocrates, Dioscorides, Galen, and Pliny the Older have made detailed mentions of its use in treatment of diseases of the four humors, an early explanation of the human body adapted by Greco-Roman naturalists. Today garlic is reputed as a good source of micronutrients, including an assortment of vitamins and minerals.

Protecting Cellular Health

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Raw garlic is rich in phytochemicals that display antioxidant properties, such as Vitamin C, known to aid the body against oxidative stress. Free radicals are released throughout the body to combat pathogenic microbes and other invasive stimuli, but themselves become a threat in large numbers, triggering the process called oxidative stress that damages healthy cells. Even consumptions of cooked garlic have shown activities that contribute to curbing excessive releases of free radicals, reining in their effects at the molecular level.

Regulating Blood Sugar

The use of garlic to reduce high blood glucose levels has long been publicized. Garlic contains naturally occurring chemical compounds that are necessitated during the conversion of glycogen into glucose and its consequent release into the bloodstream. Glucose is transported from the liver or intestines to cells of all body parts as it is the primary energy source of the human body, and ultimately absorbed by the cells with the aid of the hormone insulin. Diet may increase the risk of acquiring conditions related to unhealthy sugar levels in the body such as diabetes mellitus. Fortunately, intake of garlic products counters the underlying factors of diabetes.

Lowering Bad Cholesterol

It has been widely observed that those regions with populations known for regular intake of garlic in any forms have low incidence of diseases related to high levels of cholesterol. The scientific community remains inconclusive as to how garlic exactly help the human body lower cholesterol, but studies that involved patients diagnosed with high blood cholesterol have reported that garlic acts as an inhibitory factor in the aggregation of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream and the formation of plaques in the arterial walls.

In addition, garlic has been known for its antiseptic properties, relieving illnesses brought about by bacteria, viruses, and protozoans such as the contraction of the common cold and sore throat. Having no known side effects, garlic has an unending list of health benefits just waiting for scientific confirmation.

Good quality garlic found at your health food store will mention allicin on its label. Allicin is the active ingredient and is what causes that garlic odor that normally accompanies this wonderful herb. Look for it in odorless form for easy of use.

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Coping With Diverticulitis}

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Submitted by: Lisa Sousa

Diverticulosis is a common condition, seen in many people. With this condition, small pouches will bulge out in the large intestine. These bulges form on weak spots in the colon, much the same way that a bicycle inner tube will bulge. Usually, these pouches form in the large intestine, although they can be seen anywhere in the digestive tract. Often diverticulosis doesn’t cause any symptoms beyond a mild abdominal pain. If food lodges in one of these pouches, and gets infected it causes a more serious condition called diverticulitis.

The symptoms of diverticulitis are more severe than diverticulosis, and the symptoms themselves can range from mild to severe. Symptoms of diverticulitis include:

* Pain in the lower left part of the abdomen. Depending on the severity, this pain can be from mild to severe. The pain is usually experienced as a dull ache, sometimes accompanied by cramping.

* Fever and chills can occur, as the body’s natural reaction to the infection.

* In some cases, nausea and vomiting can occur.

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* Blood in the stool may occur.

Sometimes the infection is just a minor inflammation, causing mild symptoms, or it may be a major infection with more severe symptoms occuring. If not treated, serious complications can occur. These include:

* The infected pouch may become perforated, causing intestinal contents to leak out into the abdominal cavity.

* Abcesses may occur due to the infected contents of the pouch.

* Peritonitis can occur if the infection spreads to the peritoneal cavity

* Fistulas may occur, between the colon and surrounding organs, or the colon and the skin.

* Intestinal obstruction can occur due to scarring of recurring diverticulitis attacks.

The treatment for diverticulitis also varies according to the severity of the attack.

With a mild attack, home care will usually suffice. A few days of rest will give the body a chance to fight off the infection. A liquid diet will help allow the colon to heal. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains should be avoided for a few days.

If more severe symptoms are felt, such as nausea and vomiting, or high fever, then a stay in the hospital may be in order. IV antibiotics may be administered to control the infection.

In some severe cases, surgery may be necessary. The diseased section of the colon will be removed, and the colon resectioned.

The best treatment for diverticulitis, is to prevent it in the first place. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains should be a regular part of the diet, to give you much needed fiber. A high fiber diet can help to prevent diverticulitis. You should be getting 25 grams or more of fiber per day. Seeds, nuts, and other such foods can get stuck in one of the pouches, and infected, so they should be minimized in the diet. Fatty foods should also be minimized or avoided. Plenty of water, along with a good exercise program will help to keep things moving along as they should. If you experience any symptoms of diverticulitis, such as abdominal pain, blood in the stool, soft and tarry stools, then see your doctor, so you can get treatment started quickly.

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Smilex: The Best In Dental Care In Pune}

Sunday, August 5th, 2018

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Submitted by: Kishor Harale

Are you worried about that crooked smile or those twisted teeth? If the answer to this question is yes, the services of Smilex Dental Clinic can help you. In addition to all types of dental health care services, the experts at Smilex also specialise in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. There was a time when the lack of awareness about the various types of dentistry services led to people being unaware of the facilities available at a dental clinic. But with Smilex , this notion is changing.

The doctors at Smilex have helped many patients avail various types of orthodondist services. Before we go further, it is important to understand the facilities that you can avail as part of orthodontic treatment. Not everyone is born with a perfect smile. Some times there are accidents which damage the teeth. Occasionally, habits as a child can also affect the dental structure. Sadly, once the structure is affected, the beauty of your smile may disappear. Orthodontics can help you repair the dental structure. The idea is to regularise the gap between your teeth and ensure that the placement is uniform.

How does a dentist do it?

Getting your teeth aligned is not an easy job. However, orthodontics at Smilex are experts. The first stage is to understand the existing dental structure. Based on this, the dentist is able to figure out the errors in the existing lineup and accordingly propose the method to repair it.

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In the past, an orthodontic treatment often ended up being extremely painful. However, that seems to have changed now. Clinics like Smilex are focused on giving patients a chance to experience the highest levels of comfort while availing the treatment.

The focus is on minimising the pain and ensuring best possible treatment. Additionally, an orthodontic treatment is always long term. The process to improve the alignment of your teeth is slow and extremely effective. The patient is required to wear braces for a specific time period. The tenacity of the braces is adjusted in accordance to the treatment plan for the patients.

Doctors at Smilex provide complete guidance on how to go about the treatment plan. Patients are also given tips on how to adjust to wearing braces in their daily life.

Options galore

Gone are the days when effective treatment meant opting for the steely braces. Today Smilex gives you a variety of choices. Some of the braces offered at Smilex are made of material that blends with the interiors of the oral cavity and is rarely visible.

Additionally, wearing the braces is extremely comfortable. Patients will barely notice any change in their daily routine.

Treatment plans

Ideally the duration of the traleatment will vary from patient to patient. If there is a need for greater alignment, the treatment may take longer. At Smilex, the doctors counsel the patient making him or her aware of the various aspects before opting for the cure. Even during the treatment, the doctor prescribes regular follow ups to identify problems if any and provid the right treatment.

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Guide To The Modern Use Of Ceramics}

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Guide To The Modern Use Of Ceramics


Amit Kheterpal

Ceramics as a material were initially used by the scientists in the space industry. They used the ceramic sheets on the outside to create a heat shield against the high temperatures which were generated when the shuttles were entering the earths atmosphere.

Once the ceramics as material was popular its first use was in the ball bearings industry where they used the ceramic material to make ball bearings which were being used wherever there were high intense heat situations.

Now the ceramic industry is a large industry with the ceramics being used in every conceivable form ranging form the flooring industry where ceramic tiles are popular to the high end aerospace industry.

Initially the ceramics were the refractory material which is still used in the flooring industry but for the high end uses there were hybrids developed like the silica carbide and the silica nitride. These ceramics have advantages over the traditional steel or other materials.

Ceramics are corrosion resistant as well as they are heat resistant and of course they much better at bearing heavier loads than steel. It is for this specific reason that the ceramics have been used by the industry even in the medicine world. Specific for bone implants and orthopedic restorations the ceramic material is used as it is very hard and tough to sustain pressures.

The other major use of ceramics is now being done in the semiconductors world. The integrated chip circuits that are used computers and other high techs gadgets have ceramic material. The ceramic material is also used in manufacturing of insulators and capacitors.

That said the future seems to be very bright for ceramics and a lot of research is being done to leverage the strength and the corrosion resistance of the ceramic materials.

In fact one of the major uses of ceramic has been in the cosmetic dentistry industry especially the porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are used by the cosmetic dentists makes new veneers for use on their patients. Porcelain veneers have a vitreous and glassy feel and that is why the look good on the tooth for a glassy white finish as dental crowns.

Ceramics as material is been continually evolved to make sure that in nowadays world it is environment friendly and can be easily disposed off also. These materials are hard and hence pose challenges when they are recycled as they cannot break down easily. So there is more research being done nowadays to look into this aspect of the ceramics.

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Weight Watchers Points Does This Program Really Work?

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

By Kelly Purden

Weight watchers points system is a program that works how one can lose weight. It has been successful in the business it stands. Getting into the program, one must first have knowledge how it will benefit and fit their lifestyle. It can provide good effects with other people and to some it may be something with no good effect. Using weight watcher point system all in all depends on one who uses it. However there are reviews that testify how great it is.

It has good outputs such as balancing a nutritional diet that targets ones body needs. The diet program includes recipes and meals which the users can take advantage of. The materials provided are for the user to keep and use long as she wants to. It becomes more beneficial because it offers one on one support to user so to learn more about things needed and ask about what related things that can help with it. And because of the advanced technology we had, you can take advantage of the programs to get into such as attending meetings or to use the program tools available online like the Weight watchers online point calculator. As much as that, it also helps the user avoid deprivation system like others does just to lose weight which is not healthy. Instead they provide a system how to control their eating like providing a correct amount of food that can be taken. The user will feel good as no worries and feeling of being hungry at times.

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But though it has proven benefits to others, there are also bad issues that tackle about the Weight Watchers Points system. Somehow they provide media exposure like advertisements who promises high benefits that sometimes are unlikely to hear because it’s exaggerated. Some people think of it that way thus affecting their power not to use it. It also had a feedback that Weight Watchers Points programs have an over costly price for the consumers. With that, people don’t feel it will be beneficial for them. Imagine spending hard earned money over it. What’s more is there are other options that can be good as Weight Watchers Points program people with low budget can get a chance about getting a program to help them lose weight. Another disadvantage by taking Weight Watchers Points program is the possibility of the user not to develop self discipline or self reliance because of dependency to the programs meetings.

To this point, Weight Watchers Points program can be concluded as having good and bad effects to people. That’s why the best way to get ones weight desires is still through ones own will with discipline and courage. It helps to read self help books and read articles online that you can get for free. Aside from the benefits that you can gift yourself, you can also save instead of taking a program that are costly and at the same time you are not sure if it will work for you.

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Radio Scanners Have Come A Prolonged Way

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Submitted by: Mannyfurji Dross

Perhaps you have keyed the mic on your VHF in order to initiate a radio examine and wondered if any person actually heard you? I’ve. Radio transmission issues trouble just about every single boater at one particular time or one more despite the fact that today’s VHF radios would be the most durable, dependable and also cost-effective marine electronics on the market. You can find, even so, a handful of wise practice things you’ll be able to do to maximize your radio’s wedding party and ensure that fellow boating fanatics, Sea Tow or the You.S. Coast Guard will certainly hear your calls.

In order to insure that others notice me loud and clear when it is really time to share the productive fishing spot or check in using a buddy motorboat when out for a saturday and sunday cruise, I commonly buy the best antenna that I can afford. The particular heavy-duty Shakespeare Galaxy eight-footer is my favorite 6-dB antenna and it’s priced just right (below $150). Its heavy-duty radome (fiberglass tube), resilient chrome-plated brass mounting connection, along with the beefed-up wiring array on this antenna have always enabled me personally to fit out the full 25-watts regarding output power on my personal MarCeeJay’s VHF transmissions.

Most fiberglass antennas needs to be exchanged each four to five many years, but frequent navigation throughout rough waters can cut short that time frame. Regardless of whether it is really these Shakespeare or a competitor’s model, an aerial exposed to extreme conditions will build up cracks in its body after a while because of UV rays along with the tough saltwater environment. Be confident to perform periodic inspections of your aerial to watch for troubles due to extreme use.

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Stay absent from bargain basement $29 antennas that electronics vendors bundle with their VHF radios. They’ll not give you the range or longevity you anticipate from your critical communications website link.

Nevertheless an additional prospective difficulty location with VHF transmission and wedding party issues may be a function from the often-quirky PL-259 male connection at the stop of the antenna cable television. I check mine at least two or 3 periods a season for corrosion or loose wiring internet connections since these troubles can significantly compromise your VHF communications, both in transmitting and receiving modalities. When it really is time to replace the connection, I use Shakespeare’s fast transform PL-259 package. It’s readily available for underneath $10 for the most part marine stores.

Following I renovated a classic 27-foot Phoenix sportfisher a few decades back again, I experienced a widespread communications issue. My VHF had a vulnerable overall transmit sign together with particularly poor reception associated with inbound VHF messages. I contacted Don Henry, director of Shakespeare’s Marine Products Group, to help solve the issue. Don surmised that this bundling of my extra-long VHF aerial wire in proximity for you to my Loran, GPS and DGPS antenna cables may be causing disturbance and that there might also be a short within the circuitry of our multiple VHF antenna wire contacts (I had an extension cable connected).

The three-fold solution to solving this issue was to raise the antenna over the hardtop in order to get a lot more elevation and, therefore, a bit much more attain in its transmit and obtain range. He also proposed that I rewire my radio stations having a single piece of cajole cable tv and install it away from the prospective EMF interference of the some other antenna wires and customize the connection to my Uniden VHF using a new solderless Shakespeare PL-259 connect.

A Shakespeare Galaxy 5228-4 heavy-duty extension pole added four feet in order to my new, eight-foot Galaxy 5225-XT antenna, which was mounted around the starboard aspect of my Phoenix’s cuddy cabin and also braced which has a standoff support bracket connected to the hardtop. The antenna wire ended up being snaked to my VHF separate via other navigation equipment aerial cables, along with the circuit relating to the cable and VHF was carried out with Shakespeare’s new crimp-on connectors.

As a ultimate and quite essential action, My spouse and i employed one particular of Shakespeare’s inexpensive (beneath $50) ART-1 antenna/radio testers to test the signal and its connections. This check allowed me to confirm how the radio was pumping away its maximum 25-watts of power. It also indicated there was minimum sign loss on reception – I could be noticed loud and clear — and there were no shorts within the PL-259 connection or the aerial connection.

Shakespeare also offers a extra superior ART-3 tool having a couple of far more features like but either trialist will do the job and is more advanced than performing radio checks each hour to create certain your VHF is actually performing up to expectations.

Add Henry’s advice helped me improve our VHF radio’s reception and I can now speak with anglers who are 20 or even more miles away from me. The actual ART-1 and ART-3 devices are outstanding issue solvers and their three-phase analysis must assist you to to quickly pinpoint any kind of issues in your VHF/antenna circuit. To utilize either unit, merely plug the PL-259 connection from your antenna into a person aspect, then affix the unit’s coax wire into the other, and then connect the opposite stop in the quick cable tv into your radio’s antenna input. Follow the step-by-step instructions supplied with each and every unit and you must have got real communications peace of mind quickly.

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