Precautions To Take In A Lengthy Essay

These essays are frequently assigned at college and the word count could be as high as 3000-3500 words. Since these essays are so lengthy, the most a person can do for you is provide you with some help and useful tips. If I ask someone to write my essay for me of 3000 words, the answer will definitely be negative and so it is better to be aware of things that could help you ace such long essays.

No matter how much experience you have in writing essays, it is common for people to make some mistakes when writing lengthy ones. Following are some precautions that you must take at all times in order to avoid losing marks unnecessarily:

  • Repetition: The most common mistake that students are likely to make in long essays is repeating one point twice. Since there is a lot to write, students often do not realize that they are writing exactly the same point again as they wrote before. This results in a significant loss of marks because there is no new information and the instructor may feel that student has done this on purpose in order to complete the word limit. Repetition is therefore a very common yet damaging mistake students can make which could be avoided by making brief rough pointers about what you are going to write in the essay throughout.
  • Planning: Whether it is a short essay or a very long one, beginning it without making a proper plan is not a very good decision. Especially when writing a long essay, plan on how you are going to take it over the time provided by instructor. In cases when you are asked to write short essay in an hour or so, the proper plan may not be necessary but brainstorming ideas would still be important. Ample time is allowed when research and academic essays are assigned so planning can be highly beneficial. Writing them without a plan leads to confusion and problems at some point. So in order to avoid that, spend some time planning for how the essay will be structured so that the probability of unexpected problems arising is minimized.
  • Exaggeration: A very common mistake that students make is that they keep on writing unnecessary details about one point in order to reach the word limit. This is not the way to write a 3000-word essay because instructors do not want students to exaggerate but bring forward some new points. The marks you get depends on how well you deliver new points and so it is useless to exaggerate. Many students do not exaggerate points on purpose i.e. they unintentionally add information that they thought was relevant and important but in reality it is not.
  • Relevance: If you write essay yourself, you will be careful in adding the most relevant information. If I ask someone to write my essay, I will doubt that he may not add all the relevant information and so there is risk of losing marks. Whatever information you include must be relevant apparently because that is what instructor is looking for.