Nurse glues boyfriend’s eyes shut

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A nurse from Sunderland in the United Kingdom superglued her (now former) boyfriend’s eyes shut when he would not stop paying attention to swimsuit clad women while the two were on holiday in Malta.

After an argument, the boyfriend, Disc Jockey Lee Scullion (31), went for an afternoon nap in their hotel room. When he woke up, he discovered that he could not open his eyes and that his watch was glued to his wrist. Glue was also smothered over his lips and nose as well as on his eyelids. In addition, his girlfriend Laura Dunn (26) is reported to have smashed Lee’s £650 ($1,128.47 US) digital camera, while he is said to have burned her passport.

Laura Dunn, who is currently working in a care home, said “he wouldn’t give me the attention I deserved” and that she “decided to teach him a lesson to remind him not to look at other women.” She also said she hoped her career would not be affected by the fight.

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