Education Takes Its New Version

Submitted by: Berly Montano

Education has become a must in this world of inventions. Earlier day s people think that education is only a means to earn their living, but later on it has changed to get a sophisticated life. There are different categories of people studying courses useful to their sectors such as businessman s son learns MBA whereas a doctor s son learns MBBS. Nowadays education has crossed all its boundaries and has taken a real picture. Anybody can learn any course if he/she has an interest and related skills. Even a poor man s son can go for professional course with scholarships and educational loans provided by Government. These educational loans are the main reason behind the increase of the literacy rate all over the world. On one side Government concentrates on educating population of a country whereas on the other side people take initiatives to make them well educated.

A wide range of courses are available to make oneself qualified in any particular field. Education has become a mandatory to survive in this highly competitive world. So people struggle to make themselves qualified and skilled professionals. They select a particular field in which they are interested and talented, and make specialization studies in that area. This enables them to improve their economic status without wasting time on studying something else. As the system of education has taken a turn over change, so as the expenses related to it have also grown huge. This is a major hurdle in many well talented students to continue their studies. The Government takes various steps to help these kinds of students with adequate fund. The educational loan is a boon to such people. They take up loans for studying and can repay them when they are employed. Students can avail this loan from Government banks as well as private banks as only the interest rate differs.


Another key feature in financing students for further specialization is the company paying for their employees for job oriented studies. This system not only enables the students to get more qualified but also the company to get employees trained as per their requirement. This system includes various programs such as Productivity Programs, Strategic Skills Program, Skills Recognition and Training Program, Apprenticeships Incentives Program, etc. There are lots of Government Funded Courses available such as Administration and Business, IT, Human Resources, Sales Skills etc. There is also a number of short term courses were the students are provided with incentives and good packages after completion of the course.

The main reason for the existence of such Government Funded Courses is because a person with high quality skills, learning a certificate or diploma course is widely acknowledged as integral to maintain and increase competitive advantage in a global market place. The good results on these schemes has increased the range of such incentive and funding methods. This kind of a short term course completion with incentives not only makes the students highly skilled but also the work force in a good framework to set an example for others.

To conclude, it is good to have such schemes to help the students as well as the whole country in improving business with qualified and highly skilled employees in the global market.

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