How Do You Close Gap Teeth Without Braces?

By Pete Malcolm

A gap between the teeth, particularly the front teeth, is a common condition. There are some situations where a person may not like the gap, particularly when they smile. It can often result in feelings of embarrassment and insecurity. If you have a gap in your front teeth and want to find a way to close it with having to wear braces, there are fortunately a number of other ways you can have it closed. Below are a number of methods used to fix a gap in your front teeth:

1. A plastic retainer mouthpiece is an efficient method of closing the gap between the teeth. This method is a good choice for people who do not want to wear braces. This clear device is useful for the closing the gap on the top front teeth or on teeth that have experienced shifting.

2. Veneers are effective at closing the gap between the teeth and they can also cover teeth imperfections. Veneers are available in composite and porcelain. They are often bonded to the front and tops of the teeth. After they have been placed, they look similar to the other teeth so people will not notice any differences. Veneers are thin, sturdy, tough, and resemble that of artificial fingernails. Veneers can be expensive.


3. Teeth Effect Bands are relatively new on the market, but have been shown to be effective at closing teeth gaps. They are one of the cheapest options to closing the space between the teeth. These bands are placed around the two teeth and the band pulls them together over time thereby eliminating the gap. Teeth effects bands are similar to a rubber band.

4. Bonding, also known as white fillings, is a natural and strong bond that is effective at sealing the gap between the front teeth. A plastic bonding substance is applied to the teeth and it is molded to the appropriate shape. A high intensity light is used on the bonding substance to harden it.

5. Due to technological advancements, using crowns to help close the gap in the teeth is not as common today. Crowns can be an effective treatment for closing the space between the teeth where the gap is quite wide. Crowns are durable and can be made of porcelain, metal, or a blend of metal and porcelain.

If you are unhappy with the gap between your front teeth, you now have a variety of correction options available. If you are one of the many people who prefer not to wear braces to close the gap between your teeth, there are many alternatives now available. It is important to note that the prices of each method will vary from very cheap to quite expensive. As well, each method has its own time period to see the results. To determine which method is best for your particular circumstance, it is recommended that you consult with a dentist and orthodontist. Once you have had the gap between your teeth closed, you will feel confident, happy, and secure about showing the world your gorgeous smile.

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