Solid Wood Furniture And Panel Furniture Strengths And Weaknesses Of Competition

By Himfr Tian

Low-grade furniture board furniture is not short, more expensive than wood! Many people think that panel furniture should be cheap, or even that the panel furniture is synonymous with low furniture. “Material and not entirely representative of prices, even furniture, wood furniture may also sell you more than all. The material also can not represent the quality, low-grade all solid wood furniture in quality and good plate full of furniture can not be compared.” There plate furniture dealers in that.

In fact, the high-end furniture for every minute of your plate over solid wood furniture. Such as Magic Milan International, Rich Landis, Yu Feng, a living room audio cabinets cost about 20,000 yuan, it is nothing new for them.

Popular wood veneer panel furniture furniture: the market volume is not easy to ignore the “wooden furniture general technical conditions” before the implementation, not many people will be referred to as wood veneer furniture, solid wood furniture, which is visible in the scope of the surface of furniture, including hand, are pure solid wood frame structure (such as trees and foliage with the unknown), but in solid wood veneer on top of it posted (such as teak, ash and other high point of the solid wood veneer).

Reporter found in the market, such furniture, while small, highly concealed, as many promoters to recommend to consumers all solid wood furniture.


Advantages: low price only from the outside, the wood veneer furniture, solid wood furniture with no difference between the first two, in fact, solid wood veneer furniture, the lowest cost substrate materials, so the relative prices should be the most expensive. Solid wood veneer furniture, the most beautiful lines, design and more simple fashion, in solid wood furniture, is the most cost-effective products.

Shortcomings: The most important technology of solid wood veneer furniture the most attention to technique, if the technology is not refined, sparkling veneer or off easily. Consumers to purchase furniture, be sure to ask more clearly, and then see whether the process veneer office formation.

Methods of identification: scar node identification scan wood “furniture” category is not difficult. In general, the performance of the real texture of wood, manufacturers generally only the surface finishing varnish or matt paint.

First look at Edge. Solid wood furniture is made with solid wood, there is no edge article. Then look at wood and scar end.

From the exterior view, all solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture and no difference, no edge, the natural wood texture, feel and color are exactly the same and all solid wood furniture. However, a close look at the partitions, side, bottom or top of the material, you will find wood grain patterns with the main material is completely different, because in these parts, it uses the cheaper the other timber.

If the combination plate of wood furniture, while the same wood, but may not have scars knot in the door, countertop closer look different if we find wood or no scar at the shelter are knot, be sure, which Furniture is a solid wood veneer furniture.

Form of panel furniture board furniture is rich in man-made sheet as the substrate, using the hardware connection is made furniture. Common man-made boards are plywood, block boards, particle board, MDF and so on.

Panel furniture with veneer common decorative materials (commonly known as veneer), polyester paint (commonly known as paint), wood grain paper (commonly known as stickers), PVC plastic sheet and so on. The latter two are usually used for low-end furniture, decorative, and natural wood veneer finishes, piano paint used in the high-end products. Number plate currently on the market more and more realistic furniture veneer, gloss, feel and so good, the piano has become more sophisticated paint process, of course, very expensive price.

Advantages: Appearance outstanding panel furniture popular mainly because it has a variety of looks, fashionable, colorful, clear wood, and no deformation, no cracking, decay, moderate price advantages as the new breed of furniture category. It can be said panel furniture design changes in the shape more and more personality. Now the market’s most modern furniture for such furniture. The combination of panel furniture often using a variety of metal hardware parts, assembly and disassembly are very convenient, high precision panel furniture removal can be installed many times.

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