Maximizing Space In A Kitchen Remodel

Submitted by: Carmen Fontana

What s the latest when it comes to kitchen remodeling trends? The folks at Kitchen & Bath Design News contend that the defining feature of an updated kitchen remodel is new and abundant storage.

While many homeowners believe that their existing kitchens are too small, they re usually incorrect in that assessment. Typically, it s a poor layout rather than insufficient space that makes a kitchen feel crowded, unaccommodating and uncomfortable.

That s good news for homeowners since it means expensive additions and tearing down of existing walls aren t usually necessary to achieve a commodious-feeling kitchen. A more efficient design will typically suffice. An online kitchen remodeling super center provides makeover ideas and links to leading cabinetry, appliance, countertop and accessory manufacturers to accomplish this aim.

One of the easiest ways to make a kitchen look and feel larger, of course, is to have plenty of storage built into it. That way, you can stow away many of the objects that make the room look and feel cluttered. How can homeowners solve this dilemma when remodeling their kitchens?

1. Make sure your cabinets are adequate to hold all you kitchen supplies.


2. Make sure appliances fit into the slots that are reserved for them, so they don t jut out and steal precious space.

3. Consider working several deep drawers into your kitchen remodel to accommodate all your pots, pans and plastic storage containers.

4. Work a pull-out or roll-out pantry into your new kitchen design to hold most of the nonperishable food storage as well as plates, glasses and other items.

5. Tray dividers are a nice addition to a kitchen remodel. They re ideal for storing cookie sheets and cutting boards.

6. If you still require additional storage, a freestanding furniture-style unit provides it.

Storage, however, can be built into a variety of other locations in the kitchen, many of which are trendy and desirable additions. Take for instance kitchen islands. Not only does this popular kitchen feature provide extra counter space (and sometimes even an extra faucet or cooktop) but it s ideal for providing other useful storage options underneath.

In fact, the entire base of the island offers the potential for storage to be built around it. A trash/recycling unit can also be installed underneath the island to keep unsightly garbage hidden out of plain view. Finally, seating can be incorporated around a kitchen island, thereby eliminating the need for a space-robbing table and chairs set.

And in the small percentage of cases where a kitchen really is too small? There are design techniques that can fool the eye into believing the space is actually bigger than it really is. Clean cabinetry lines take away the look of crowdedness. Stainless steel accents reflect the light, giving the illusion of a larger room. A subtle, complementary lighting scheme transforms the kitchen into a warm, minimalist-inspired family haven. Glass accents can also be added to break up the lines [of the room] and add visual interest.

For more ideas, inspiration, choice, assistance and advice on a kitchen remodel that maximizes the existing space in your home, visit an online showcase.

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