Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Shredding And Hard Drive Destruction

byAlma Abell

The information that you and your employees store on your business computers is highly sensitive and personal. To ensure that this information is kept private, contact a professional company that specializes in hard drive destruction. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about hiring a shredding service to destroy the information on your business computers.

Q.) What types of items does a shredding company destroy and how does the process work?


A.) A professional shredding company specializes in destroying documents, hard drives, cell phones, credit cards, compact discs and more. The shredding company places locked bins at your location. Your employees will place the items that need to be shredded inside of the bins. On a specified date, the shredding company will arrive at your location in a mobile shredder, collect the bins and shred the materials on-site.

Q.) Is using a mobile shredding company safe and effective for shredding important documents and hard drives?

A.) Hiring a mobile shredding company is very safe because your sensitive materials won’t have to be transported to another location. You’ll be able to watch the shredding company employees place your sensitive materials into the mobile shredding unit. You’ll have the ability to view the shredding of your documents and hard drives on a video monitor so you’ll know for sure that your important business information is gone forever.

Q.) Why is it better to shred a hard drive instead of having the information erased?

A.) It’s often possible for the information on an erased hard drive to be retrieved. When you hire a company that specializes in hard drive destruction, your hard drive is totally destroyed and the information can never be recovered by anyone. Since the mobile shredding unit slices the hard drive into small pieces, the private information that was stored on your business computer is safe.

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