Fashion Merchandising Finding Popularity With Working Adults Returning To College}

Fashion Merchandising Finding Popularity With Working Adults Returning to College


Shay Rosen

The depiction of working adults returning to college to better their long term financial outlook while opening the door for better opportunities is accurate, though not all working adults view academic enrichment in those terms. Working adults are returning to school in record numbers, but many are doing so in order to find a career that affords a better lifestyle through a career that holds their interest.

One academic field of study that has seen increasing numbers of older students is fashion merchandising, and surprisingly, many of those choosing to make a career change to the fashion industry are men.

At one time, fashion merchandising as an educational option was limited to specialty schools devoted to the field. Since fashion merchandising entered the mainstream of academia in the early 1990s, many colleges and universities now offer business based degree programs with a focus on the unique challenges inherent in the fashion industry.


As for the fashion industry itself, which is responsible for over 250 billion in worldwoide sales and growing steadily every year, the influx of interest is welcome. With all forms of media projecting the importance of fashion consciousness through art and advertisements, shortages in number of qualified merchandising personnel are felt industry wide.

For many adults, the fashion industry offers a welcome respite from career paths that provide little in the way of personal satisfaction. Some view fashion as a lifelong interest while others would simply like to be a part of a lucrative industry that offers opportunities outside the office environment.

A degree in fashion merchandising opens the door to a wide berth of opportunities, from buyer and visual merchandiser to public relations manager and fashion director. In fact, from the manufactuing arm of the fashion industry to the retail outlets that sell products to the masses, the number of career paths is virtually limitless.

This much is certain. There are select industries whose related products or services are virtually immune to economic fluctuation, and the fashion industry is undoubtedly one of them. For working adults seeking a career with an exciting working environment that also offers above average financial compensation, few other options seem quite as fashionable.


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Fashion Merchandising Finding Popularity With Working Adults Returning to College}