Right Decision is Picking a Dedicated Server Germany Hosted


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Germany is one of the most developed and technologically adept countries in Europe and the world. Its status may be attributed to the impressive growth in the technological and business sectors. A lot of technology companies are based in Germany and some of them are in the web hosting business. Such companies utilize their technological adeptness in providing the best quality dedicated server solutions to many clients across the globe aiming for the highest level of reliability and stable performance. Such web hosting companies utilize only the best and quality hardware and software to run the massive data processing and handling required by many of their clients worldwide.

Many offshore companies have made an important decision when it comes to the server requirements of their companies. Instead of using the conventional and ordinary high-capacity servers available in their local market, such companies have opted to choose dedicated server Germanyhosted in the data center in Databurg in Frankfurt region. This decision offered them an assurance of top-notch quality and professional services and high performance of exclusively branded quality hardware pieces. Having the dedicated server hosted in the Germany data center means the company has access to a well-organized and guaranteed upstream and peering which translate to low ping. The dedicated server allocated for 1 client is hooked up to 100Mbit upgradable to 1Gbit depending on the bandwidth requirements of the client s HTML pages or other data processing applications.

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The Databurg data center is also a carrier for your dedicated server Germanyhosted which can provide you with large storage and computing capacities, regardless if it s for personal or organizational purpose. You also gain access to unparalleled professional expertise required for the upkeep of the infrastructure and system. You may choose from single processor servers or the dual quad core processor servers. The range of storage capacity runs from 80Gb to 24 Tb and the random access memory or RAM runs between 1Gb to 64Gb. Servers with 5Tb are hooked up to unmetered bandwidth from 100Mbit to 1Gbit on dedicated lines.

This web hosting set up or arrangement for unmetered dedicated servers in Germany will allow your website to enjoy unlimited bandwidth and data transfer without worrying about extra charges for overages. With an unrivaled flexibility and reliability, dedicated servers in the data center in Databurg can take advantage of the technical expertise of the professional teams taking care of the maintenance and upkeep of the dedicated servers. This could mean a guaranteed web hosting services that are not available in your base country. The remote server that contains your database and data processing applications are constantly monitored and checked by the data center technical support teams but the overall control and administration of the dedicated server remains in your hands.

The Databurg data center integrates critical system infrastructure and architecture aimed at eliminating all single points or sources of failures. It also utilizes the most advanced features in design to achieve the highest speed, most effective security, globally accessible network and top rate equipment. And with the best technical consultants in the world providing support to the dedicated servers housed in the data center, your website will benefit the most.

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Right Decision is Picking a Dedicated Server Germany Hosted