Japanese University Students Experienced Employment Ice Age

By Christina Xia

Japanese university students are experiencing employment “ice age.” Inaugural graduates next spring, default rate was 57.6%, the lowest since 1996 the statistics.

For the convenience of graduate employment, as well as to facilitate the selection of talents, Japan, held every year in various seminars around the country, students and employers to meet directly with each other have a good impression, the test can be signed by the recruitment office enterprise contract, and this is the so-called The “default.” Got the “default” students even if the work were available, did not get the “default” students will be like a cat on hot bricks, non-stop to participate in various seminars.

17 shows held in Tokyo port 400 students have participated into two more than last year, and to participate in the enterprise that will have less three. No long-term outcome to attend the inauguration activities, some students nervous breakdown and had to receive treatment for clinical psychologists.

National University students are also struggling. Hitotsubashi University, famous universities in Japan, 2010, 700 students graduated in spring, there are 100 without a job, select repeat or graduate school. According to the ministry concerned, this year’s 568,000 college students graduating in the spring, there are more than 80,000 jobs and choose not repeat, is expected to graduate next spring, could not find work due to selection will be more repetition.


What is the crux of Graduates in the Job? Is from the students themselves in terms of quality issues.

First of all, Japanese universities since 2006 into the “all Time”, as long as the pay, for each high school can be more than the University entrance examination is no longer a “single-log bridge”, university students early is not “elite” of the. In the candidates, many of the people is difficult to achieve the requirements of the employer. And the economic downturn, many units are in reducing costs, the use of new more circumspect, to take “strict selection of doctrine”, there is no qualified student would prefer to reduce the employer plan or simply do not move, it is said 70% of such enterprises. When the candidates defeated many college students, most of them feel that their level is not enough.

Secondly, the Japanese “industrial vacuum” of increasingly serious impact of student employment. Appreciation of the yen, weak domestic market, in order to avoid losses caused by yen appreciation and expansion of overseas markets, many companies moved their factories overseas. Recently, in addition to large multinational companies, the service also has a major push into international trends. In order to maintain the business overseas, many companies are hiring local staff, such as Panasonic and other large enterprises in a substantial increase in hiring staff from overseas, and that other Asian countries and regions, excellent students, studious, high quality than the Japanese students.

Another point is that Japanese university students “underachievement.” Deterioration of the economy, many small and medium enterprises precarious, college students are longing for a well-known large enterprises. Many students do not want to engage in dirty, tired, dangerous work, to solve the shortage problem of SMEs in Japan have trainees from abroad.

Japanese government to ensure students a series of measures of employment. Prime Minister Naoto Kan has repeatedly stressed that the first priority is employment, second job, third, or employment. August set up a “new graduates hired credentialed team.” September 22 to invite the Japanese Ministry of Science, Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, the National Association of Universities and other meetings, proposed to strengthen the university career office advisory body. Health Ministry also made by advisory bodies H ELLO W ORK consultation to increase employment and other programs. But in the end, the Japanese students is difficult mainly due to the inauguration or economic downturn. Experts estimate that Japan’s economy is likely to fall into the fourth quarter of negative growth, Naoto Kan regime seems to do nothing out of the economic difficulties currently understood that the employment situation of Japanese university students will face more severe situation.

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