By Kristiane Pritzel

If you are one that loves to cook, you might want to look into selling meals to go in your community. A lot of people are not eating right these days and you could help them in several ways. First, by you preparing their home made meals for them you will be saving them time and at the same time you will be serving them healthy meals that they will not otherwise be eating because when we are in a hurry we seem to end up eating fast food that is not healthy. while you will also be earning an income for your services.

Getting organized:

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Living in an apartment building where everyone leaves the place in a hurry everyday, is a great opportunity to offer some breakfast, lunch or dinner to go. Just make sure you check with the building administrator if this is allowed. Many apartment buildings may not allow this because of fire hazards. Although if you have your own home, offering meals to go will not be a problem. All you will need is to make sure you comply with the government regualtions, and you will be able to start your home business.

Organizing things for your food to go business is not really that difficult especially if you own a computer with internet service in your home. You can start by asking the people in the building for their email or instant messaging address. You can send your menu for the day to these addresses and ask them to send you a message letting you know what they want for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For the neighbors who do not have internet service, you can just put a cork board outside your door where you can post your menu for the day. You may also provide for some paper and a box where your clients can write their order and then drop them in the box. You will definitely want to have a business phone number. Some of your clients may want to call you to place or cancel their orders. Never use your home phone for this purpose. Always bear in mind that the home phone should be used for personal transactions only and the business phone should be solely for business transactions.

Set a specific time and place where your clients can pick up their food. Make sure that you are already and waiting a few minutes before your clients start to arrive so that you will not have any difficulties getting things in order.

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