Finding A Federal Doctor

Submitted by: Kaitlin Nayeli

If you have ever been a federal employee, you know that finding a federal doctor can be a nightmare. There are multiple requirements that you have to have someone jump through before they can give you treatment without it ending up costing you an arm and a leg, but it s something that all federal employees go through. Whether you re looking for Owcp doctors, workers compensation physicians, or just a general federal doctor, there are a few things you need to make sure you do and a few things you should check up on with each doctor to ensure that you will be getting the proper care for the desired out-of-pocket cost to you.

When one uses the term federal doctor, they are generally referring to a doctor who has agreed to or expressed an interest in treating those with federal workers compensation treatment. Surprisingly such doctors can be extremely difficult to find, since Owcp doctors are required to do many things differently than most other doctors. Because an almost entirely new system is required for those doctors, and because the number of people who are seeking treatment that are looking specifically for workers compensation physicians is so small, most doctors simply don t consider it worth their time to become a so-called federal doctor.


The traditional method of finding a federal doctor or other workers compensation physicians would be about as efficient as one could find in the middle of the 20th century — not many people have gone through the hassle of making this process convenient for an unfortunately small segment of the market. You would essentially have to grab a phone, sit down, and start going through the yellow pages, calling every number that would potentially connect you to Owcp doctors. It doesn t take an early adapting technologist to know that there should be a better way to weed out those doctors who don t qualify as a federal doctor when seeking workers compensation physicians to work with.

Luckily, in modern times, some people who are perhaps a bit more tech-savvy have gone ahead and done a lot of the work for the consumer who is doing everything they can to find these Owcp doctors. There is still no database that is automatically populated of all the workers compensation physicians that you can simply scan through by zip code or look at a map with push-pins that represent all of the locations of all of these different doctors.

Instead, it requires someone to do all of the work that you would probably have been hesitant to do on your own, but when someone goes through the process of figuring out which doctors are Owcp doctors, they can use their cognitive surplus to help you out. In other words, if one person does the work and records all of the answers of who is a federal doctor, they can provide that information to you. There are some websites that have done that, making finding a federal doctor very simple, and that information could save you hours.

About the Author: FedDoctor is a free service that connects federal employees with a need for medical care to doctors who understand the federal doctor system. By learning how to operate in accordance with federal workers compensation law, owcp doctors providers have a head start. Please visit us online at


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