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Basic Guide To Curtain And Drape Tops: How Many Types Are There?

Saturday, April 21st, 2018

By Cherdkiat Taesookavat

Curtain and drape are one of the most important decorations in the house. Format and design of curtain reflects the preference and taste of the house owner. However, there are many people who still do not know about how many types of curtain and drape tops available in the market, so sometime they made wrong decision when they have to choose ones. This article will give you the basic introduction about how many types of curtain and drape tops as well as some little tips about how to choose and install them properly. There are some types of curtain and drape tops (also called curtain heading) that commonly used and available in the market, now let’s get to know them.

The Standard type

Many of home owners may familiar with this type. Standard curtain heading normally consists single one-inched tape was tied up in to a narrow heading. This type of heading is commonly used with free style curtains or with drapes that need less formality or in the corner of the house, where people not often access. The method of installation the heading is simple, normally there will be small drapes with a synthetic tape, and therefore by using this synthetic tape you do not have to tighten the curtain rod, so this is so convenient. The standard type of curtain heading suitable with dormer windows and cottage windows. They also used just half the width of the curtain. The materials that made standard curtain heading are cheap so if you have limited budget you can use this type and if you not require extremely neat and sophisticate work, the standard type probable suitable for you.

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The Pencil Pleat

In case if you do not have valance or pelmet but you still want a very good looking curtain decoration style, the Pencil Pleat heading style may be suitable for you. We can find many of house and rooms that decorated by modern style furniture will use the type of heading. However, there is one important thing when you use this curtain that you must leave the space about 2/3 width of the window to make the heading and curtains look neat and match.

The Slot Pleat

This is the most simplest form of curtain headings. The heading style can be made by cutting slot in a cased header tape to feed a pole through. Even though this heading style is simple, but they provide very good look and you can even make them more attractive by allow the rest of the curtain to stand above the header tape. And again like the Pencil Pleat heading you should leave the space about 2/3 width of the window and in order to make the pleats maintain the position as well as pleasant look.

The Cartridge Pleat

Cartridge Pleat sometimes called ‘goblet pleat’. The name goblet pleat derives from the pleats that form up on the top of the heading and they look similar to the goblet glass. This type of heading is quite special and need extra material such as polyester or tissue paper to stuff into the top of each pole to make them constantly form up. This type of heading is mostly used with curtain style that need formality and you have to make the curtain stretch in full length to make it looks impressive.

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Packing Boxes For House Move

Saturday, March 31st, 2018

Are you currently relocating to a different home? If that’s that case, then it is probable that you will be seeking a fantastic Edinburgh house removals company. When seeking the ideal moving firm, you need to choose a relocation firm with trained removal staff. This is specifically true if you plan on obtaining the company to pack up your belongings into boxes just before moving them. You should decide on a company when the moving firm are skilled within packing belongings in the safest possible way. When you have a lot of belongings which are delicate, it may be ideal to possess a highly skilled load up team. It is likely they may have much more knowledge about packing than you need to do, consequently, you will be not as likely to possess your own fragile items break throughout the moving method if they’re packed with a Edinburgh Removal specialist.

When you’re arranged to move home and you’re simply packing goods yourself you’ll need to be fairly realistic about what you can get achieved ahead of moving day. It’s very surprising the length of time it takes to sort out items. Particularly thinking about you should probably package up items when they have been dusted as opposed to unpacking all of them in the brand new home and then cleaning them. Of course, if products have been on a shelf for some time they might be really dusty.

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If you utilize a House Removals Edinburgh business, make sure that you contact the removal company at the earliest opportunity. As soon as you look at the date when you’re able to proceed to your space, get in touch with the removals organization and make sure they are free. These firms are usually hectic and they mightn’t have open dates. 2-3 weeks before the real moving date you probably should start working out your possessions and personals. Moving is an excellent time and to dispose undesirable and unnecessary things, so don’t miss this opportunity.

When you have fragile items which need to be covered with packaging paper generally in most of the rooms then pick the right size boxes for the goods. If you don’t fill a box completely with light items then provide items from yet another space to fill up cardboard removal box. Considering that boxes cost money you don’t want to under pack boxes either. Moving firm will show you that normally every time a property owner packages their unique boxes they often below pack them so the containers are incredibly light. It is an error for another cause in that if your containers are under loaded them can lead pages when other boxes are set on top of all of them which may affect the things within the container.

Operating this at heart, it may be somewhat tough to imagine and you’ll discover Man with a van Edinburgh removals firms. Can you basically phone around? Or where else are you able to discover the organizations? What options are you experiencing? For starters, you’ll be able to use the internet and discover most of the house removal companies that you are interested in, everything else apart. It will not take you too much time, using a quick Search. Also should you lack packing abilities, or maybe are not certain what you can manage to pack on account of health problems, and so on, then you can request most house removals businesses to offer packing services that wont only make you stay secure and often will additionally ensure that things are loaded professionally although while using the correct packing supplies.

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Outdoor Storage Sheds To Tidy Up Your Back Yard

Saturday, March 24th, 2018

By Tony Shaw

Let’s talk about the outdoor storage shed. There are several things that the buyer needs to know about these structures before making a final purchase. Doing a little homework will help you save money and find the perfect outdoor storage shed for your property.

One thing to realize before purchasing an outdoor storage shed is the building codes for your area. Some places have size limits for additional outdoor structures. There are building ordinances in the majority of locations. Check with a building code inspector or with someone familiar with buildings before purchasing one and placing it on your land. You do not later want to have to move it because it did not meet building spec requirements.

After checking the building codes it is time to select an outdoor storage shed that will fit attractively in your yard. Decide where the structure will be on the land. Is the area moist or uneven? If it is then you will more then likely want a unit that is built on stilts so that it is not sitting flush on the ground.

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Decide which way the building will face. The majority of buildings have one set of doors that are on the front. Will you need to have side doors installed to allow easier access to items? Some models do not offer the side door feature. Before purchasing make sure that door will be large enough move your items into the building and decide if you need a side door option. It will do you no good to get a building home to find out the door is too narrow for you to push your riding lawn mower through it! Take measurements of your largest items and of the doorway of the new unit before making the final purchase.

You will also want to purchase an outdoor shed that matches the rest of your property. For example, if your house is vinyl siding you would not typically want a brick storage unit or log cabin storage unit. You want a unit that blends with the rest of the property. When selecting an exterior design also think about the purpose of the building. How much space do you need to store items? Will it be for storage, play house, gardening or workshop?

Once you have thought about all the features and done a little homework it is time to purchase your outdoor storage shed. The majority of companies will deliver and properly install it for you on your property. These units last a very long time so make sure you select what you want the most.

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The Nap Mat: Is It The Right Choice For Your Napping Needs?

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

By Gina Wesneske

For your child’s rest time at pre-school, daycare, or even at Grandma’s or home, nap mats are a great option for a familiar, comfortable place to rest or nap. Many early childhood centers now require parents to furnish naptime bedding which must be taken home and washed weekly. Nap mats are a neat, compact solution for required rest time at school, and using the napmat on the weekends for home or travel rest time creates continuity for children that signifies comfort and familiarity.

There are several napmat options available, and most can be customized with the fabric of your (or your child’s) choice, and monogrammed for easy recognition by caretakers. The following three types of nap mats are the most popular and versatile for resting at school, home, and while traveling.

The All-In-One Nap mat:

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The all-in-one nap mat includes, as its name implies, a connected sleeping mat, pillow, and blanket. Easy to wash, roll, and carry with a shoulder strap, the all-in-one napmat is a hassle-free way to carry bedding. Some all-in-one napmats include a removable pillow insert, and most are secured when rolled up with Velcro closures. The ideal napmat’s blanket will be connected at the bottom of the sleeping mat, rather than on the side, to ensure toes are covered. When it comes to cleaning your all-in-one, just throw the entire napmat in the wash; there’s no chance of missing a blanket or pillow when washing, drying, or rolling it up early on a Monday morning. All-in-one nap mats are usually well padded and are great for resting on cots, mats, rugs, floor, or beds.

As with the majority of nap mats, most all-in-ones can be customized and personalized.

Kindermat Covers:

Kindermats, the plastic tri-fold resting mat, are used in many childcare facilities and usually require customized bedding. If a Kindermat is provided or required, there are a variety of covers and bedding sets available. Kindermat covers fit over the mat like a fitted sheet or pillow case, and are easy to put on and remove; many covers also include Velcro attachments for securing the napmat onto the Kindermat. There are both padded and un-padded options for the fitted mat available. In addition, there are all-in-one napmats for Kindermats that include all of the pieces, as well as sets including separate matching pillow and blankets. Kindermats and their covers can be folded compactly for travel and most can be customized and personalized.

Sleeping Bags:

Sleeping bags are another very popular choice for rest time, traditionally used for camping or slumber parties for older kids. There are now many other smaller options out there for young children, although they usually remain true to the original design. They zip your child up snugly for cozy naptime, although very few include pillows. Sleeping bags also tend to be thicker than other types of napmats, so in warmer climates, children may get too hot. Sleeping bags are still the ideal for camping and some overnight situations, but due to their thickness don’t roll up as compactly as other types of nap mats. Unlike other nap mats, many sleeping bags are available in water resistant fabrics, which again, lends to their desirability for outdoor or tent sleeping. Sleeping bags are easily washed and, as other napmats, many can be customized and personalized.

As you can see from the above three options, there are many great nap mats available for your child’s rest time. Whether for use at home, at a childcare facility, or for travel, a nap mat can help your child recognize when it’s time for rest and quiet. If your child is old enough, involve her or him in picking the fabric. With all of the pattern and color options available, shopping for your nap mat can be great fun both of you.

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How To Clean Your Acrylic Furniture Pieces

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

How to Clean Your Acrylic Furniture Pieces


Phil Hesorner

Acrylic furniture is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to glass. Acrylic is a clear plastic that closely resembles glass but has the benefit of being lighter and stronger than glass. It is important to take care of modern acrylic furniture to prevent the crystal clear quality of the acrylic from becoming dulled.

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When caring for furniture such as an acrylic side table, household cleaning products such as Windex and 409 should be avoided. The chemicals in household cleaners can damage the acrylic and make it appear dulled. Instead, the acrylic side table should be cleaned with a soft cloth to prevent scratching the surface. Use hot soapy water and gently scrub the surface. To further prevent scratches, use only disposable clothes to clean modern acrylic furniture. A previously used cloth can contain rough particles that may scratch the surface of the furniture.

Plastic cleaners can also be an effective method to clean acrylic furniture. However, be sure that the plastic cleaner is designed for acrylic material. Avoid any cleaning products that contain ammonia. Ammonia will damage acrylic material and disfigure the surface. Spray the acrylic piece with the plastic cleaner and use a clean soft towel to polish the material. Once polished, rinse the acrylic piece with warm water and dry it off with a new towel.

Acrylic material is often used in art, particularly sculptures. Liquid acrylic can be shaped and molded into specific designs, then welded together. The result is a beautiful piece that contains multiple color variations. An acrylic sculpture has the tendency to collect dust and dirt. In order to preserve the clear shiny quality of an acrylic sculpture, it is important to clean it on a regular basis.

Cleaning an acrylic sculpture requires care and tenderness. Begin by wiping the sculpture down with a soft cloth to remove the loose dust or dirt that may have accumulated. Always wear latex gloves when handling acrylic sculptures to prevent transferring excess oil to the sculpture. After wiping away the loose dust, rinse the soft cloth in warm or hot water and add a small amount of dish washing liquid to a plastic bowl along with several cups of water. Dip the soft cloth into the bowl of soap and water then gently use it to wipe the sculpture down. Use a separate wet cloth to wash away the soap residue. Finally, gently pat the surface of the sculpture with a separate and dry soft cloth.

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How to Clean Your Acrylic Furniture Pieces