Car And Truck Air Conditioning System Facts For Chula Vista California Chevrolet Frequent Drivers

Car And Truck Air Conditioning System Facts For Chula Vista California Chevrolet Frequent Drivers



Do you live in the San Diego California area? In the Summer it might get very hot. Your air conditioning system for you car becomes very important to your comfort when traveling by car.

Being aware of how your car’s heating and air conditioning system works could help you recognize trouble and escape costly repairs. Here are several specifics about your car’s air conditioning and heating syste

The car’s engine is the car’s power source for both heating and air conditioning systems. This is what happens when you turn on the car’s heat or the air conditioner:

The car or truck’s air coditioning system shares air ducts, controls and a blower with the heater, nevertheless has its own refrigerant system. The car’s air conditioning system is built out of the following components:


Your car or truck’s compressor is a pump that pressurizes and circulates the refrigerant throughout the system. As the refrigerant passes through the condensor, the condensor gives up warmth and converts from gas to liquid.

The car or truck’s receiver, dryer or accumulator is the place clean, dry refrigerant is stored as it circulates throughout the system.

The car’s orifice tube or expansion valve is a metering device that controls the flow of refrigerant throughout the system.

Refrigerant enters the evaporator core as a liquid. Warmth from within the air converts the liquid refrigerant back into a gas, which cools the air before it enters you car.

When getting your car or truck’s air conditioning system inspected and serviced at your neighborhood service station, make sure that the technician doing the labor is an ASE Certified technician. By doing this you will appreciate that the customer service you receive is from a greatly trained professtional, and might save you going back for further repairs.

The technician should inspect all of the following, document their condition, and compare the parts to the factory specifications. They can then make suggestions in accordance with the Motorist Assurance Program Uniform Inspection Guidelines:

They will inspect your car or truck’s total heating and air conditioning system. They should visually inspect the internal controls and the blower. The car’s technician should then inspect the radiator coolant level, the hoses, the pressure cap, and your thermostat. The technician may want to next inspect the air conditioner compressor belt for condition and proper tension. They should check for leaks or any other obvious damage.

The technician will next pressure test the engine cooling system. Air conditioning system pressures should be measured and compared to manufacturer’s specifications. The air conditioning system is at that moment leak tested

Both the heater and air conditioning system will then be performance tested by checking the outlet air temperature at the discharge vents.

These tests, inspections, and customer service will save you money, and supply you with a air conditioned driving experience in the hot summer months, even in the hot California Summer.

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