By Joe R. Maldonado

Yes, it was really easy to build my own solar panels. It’s true I am very pleased with the results. However they said I wouldn’t spend more than 200$. When I checked my spending, I saw that my total was about 204$. For a perfectionist like me, that 4$ I spent over my budget took half a star from my Earth4Energy review. Now let’s see where the rest of the stars come from.

For those who don’t know what Earth4Energy is, I will make a short explanation first. When you search the Internet or your local library about solar panels and alternative ways to generate power for environmental or economical reasons, you can either find technical documents with detailed explanations only understandable to engineers or abstract information vaguely telling you about the history and uses of alternative power sources. Earth4Energy solves your information problem and presents a do it yourself guide for people like me, who don’t want to spend thousands of hard earned dollars just to save money in the long run. Earth4Energy is a complete guide anyone can follow about building your own solar panels and wind turbine with a fraction of money you would spend on a commercially available system.

Earth4Energy is basically an electronic book supported with video tutorials and other useful stuff. It includes every piece of information one can need for building his or her own power source for the whole house. When you get the package, you will find included a 70 page e-book with videos that show the finest details about the work ahead. This do it yourself experience is consisted of 6 parts. The first part is an introduction to solar energy. From environmental impact to economical gain, everything about alternative energy can be found in this part. Then the book jumps right into the most important part for me, which is building your own solar panel. This part includes diagrams and instruction videos, reducing the chance of misunderstandings and miscalculations to zero. In the part 3 which is named ‘Solar Help Package’ you will learn how to calculate energy needs of your house, how to use this knowledge to determine the number of panels, and so on. Before starting your project, you must digest this part and make decisions about your needs. The last chapter of solar energy part of the package is the instruction videos which will make you job much easier.

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The fifth part is about wind turbines. You can have a wind turbine along with your solar panels. Wind blows at all hours of the day and your wind turbine generates energy independent form the hours of sunlight. Therefore you can consider this as a side project. The last part of the package is a 2 hours educational series about solar power and its uses in our houses.

In the beginning of this article I wrote it was an Earth4Energy review but I can confidently say that the product doesn’t need a review because it has everything needed to build an efficient power source with affordable prices.

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